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Why Have My Babies Eyebrows Gone Red?

Have you ever wondered why your babies eyebrows have turned red? This post is going to answer a popular question I get from parents I coach which is Why Have My Babies Eyebrows Gone Red?

What does it mean?

This small change is likely to be a cue that your baby is getting tired.

Weird I know, but it can be an absolute life saver when trying to avoid overtiredness! And now you have this little gem of knowledge, the more you will start to notice it!

Some babies are great at giving us really big cues that they are tired like rubbing their eyes, yawning, going quiet, or averting their gaze if you make eye contact with them. But some little ones seem like they are absolutely fine until they get to the point that they are overtired, melting down and refusing to do anything you want them to do, particularly sleeping. You are in overtired hell.

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So if you notice your little ones eyebrows look red try putting them down for a nap. Or if it is almost bedtime, maybe start your bedtime routine slightly early.

If you want to know more about sleep cues or if your little one is having difficulties with sleep then contact me now for your FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to see how sleep coaching could help you, I have the answers you are looking for!

I hope this post has answered your question about why have my babies eyebrows gone red. While your here you may like to read another popular post I have written which is Is My Baby Overtired?

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