Hello and welcome to Sound Asleep Coaching. My name is Alison and I am a paediatric sleep coach. I have a background in studying psychology with an MSc & BSc hons and am a member of the British Psychological Society. I have worked with inpatient mental health teams within the NHS and currently work with service delivery at management level for the NHS. I also have level 4 OCN training in Holistic Sleep Coaching. But my most important role is as a mother to my three incredible sons Harry, George and Hugo.

As a family the sleep deprivation struggle we experienced was real! I still have vivid memories of the torturous nights with our first born taking a ounce of milk an hour and only settling by being fed, rocked, bounced or a combination of all three. It effected us all incredibly, it put a huge strain on our relationship and made our working days extremely difficult. As a family we didn’t know what we needed to know and tried desperately people tips but we found it didn’t work for us because we either didn’t feel comfortable carrying it out or it didn’t work because our child wasn’t the same as their child.

“As a family the sleep deprivation struggle we experienced was real!”

This is the important thing about hiring a sleep coach. Sleep coaches study to a high level all the different methods and approaches and can tailor a plan using a holistic approach specifically for your child. We aren’t taking a chance on what we think might work. We use our knowledge, understanding and experience to evaluate your circumstances and deliver a plan specifically for you that you are comfortable with with.

Sleep coaching is my passion and I am so grateful to all the families who have entrusted me with their sleep issues. I want to assure you that healthy sleep IS achievable and it is never too early or too late to start sleep training.

Please contact me today to schedule a free 15 minute phone call at your convenience. This initial call will be for me to familiarise myself with your sleep challenges and discuss how I can be of service. Together we can create a custom sleep programme for you baby or child that will help your whole family.

What People Say

“Bedtimes went from chaos to calm”.

Rosie, Hertfordshire

“I used to dread bedtimes. Now it is a time I actually look forward to”.

Leanne, Saffron Walden

“It has improved our whole family dynamic”.

Amy, Essex