As a sleep coach I am regularly asked to recommend products that might help with little ones sleep.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, these are the products that I work with regularly and have found to give the best results.

They are also the ones that have stood the test of time in a crazy house with 3 boisterous kids, which we all know is no small feat! 


A fun way to teach children how to stay in bed until its time to get up.

The GroClock is the perfect addition to our little ones rooms when teaching them when is the right time to get up and when they need to stay in bed. This is particularly important during the summer months when they are regularly going to bed during daylight and staying in bed long after the morning sun has come up. 

It is a great tool in sleep shaping the behaviour of any early risers out there. By gradually altering the time the “sun comes up” on the clock and rewarding your little one for staying in bed until the “sun comes up”, they gently learn to sleep for longer periods in the morning.

The groclock also supports older children in learning to tell the time digitally. The display shows the time digitally as well as the classic stars countdown which is something they can look out for as well as the arrival of the sun. 

Gro Portable Black-Out Blinds

Helps keep rooms dark and babies sleeping.

Having a dark room for your little one to sleep in is really important to help them go to sleep quickly and stay asleep for longer periods of time. This is because light suppresses our brains production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone). Having blackout blinds in your little ones room is something I recommend to have as a permanent fixture. 

However, having portable black out blinds can be really effective to work with already existing curtains. They can also be great to take away with you if you are going on holiday as the last thing you need is your much needed family time being put under strain by a little one struggling to sleep or stay asleep. 

White Noise Machine

Calming sounds helping babies and children fall and stay asleep.

White noise machine is the single most commonly recommended product to help your little one to sleep through the night. 

White noise works by promoting deeper sleep and helping to stitch sleep cycles. This is great for little ones who are chronically overtired or struggle to stay asleep. 

It also helps to numb the auditory system meaning that your little ones are less likely to be disturbed by any outside traffic noise, other siblings, or the doorbell ringing in the daytime. 

White noise is also brilliant for new born babies and help relax and reassure them. This is because babies are used to the constant noise of being in your womb and quite often, the outside noise, particularly in the night is deafeningly quiet for them and they struggle to settle. 

Tomy Night Light Projector

Projects pictures to help babies and children to peacefully fall asleep.

Projectors can work really well at settling out little ones when they seem to be quite energised when putting them to bed. However, the projector needs to be calm and simple with a short timer on it otherwise it can have the opposite effect to what was intended. 

This is why I recommend the Tomy nightlight projector. It has a very simple tune and a gentle slow moving image projected on to the ceiling. The ceiling projection coupled with the moving image encourages your little one to lay down to watch it and gently lulls them in to a sleepy state. It can be set to go off after either 5 or 10 minutes so there will be no need for you to return to the room once it has finished. 

Weighted Sleep Blankets

Helps induce a state of peaceful sleep to support positive bedtime routines.

Weighted blankets are great for any frequent night time wakers, or little ones that crave the reassurance of being held or comforted to fall asleep. 

Weighted blankets are a form of compression therapy that gives our little ones the feeling of security as if they are being cuddled all night long which can drastically improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Great for our little ones, and great for you too!