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Help with YOUR sleep

“I think I might need a sleep coach too now”

You wouldn’t believe how often I hear this from the Mum’s and Dad’s I work with!

We work so hard to get our little ones sleeping well that by the time they are sleeping you find that you can’t, and then you start googling “has my baby broken me” while pouring your 5th cup of coffee before 9am.

The effects of sleep deprivation can be vast. But what studies have shown is a greatly increased risk of anxiety and depression when you lack either quantity or quality (or both!) of sleep. So today’s post is dedicated to all you mums and dads out there who have had your sleep put out of joint by your little ones…

Here’s how to help YOUR sleep;

1. Have a regular bedtime and wake up time. This doesn’t need to be forever, but to get your sleep back on track try and go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. Our bodies like consistency just as much as our little ones do and will automatically get better quality sleep when it knows your body clock.

2. Put down your phone. And your iPad. Back away from the electronics. Because the blue light emitted by all these devices tricks your brain in to thinking it is still daytime and will inhibit your production of melatonin (our sleepy hormone). Having 30-60 minutes away from screens prior to going to bed can make a huge difference to both falling asleep and staying asleep.

3. Create the right environment. Make sure you room is cool and dark. White noise machines are great for adult sleep too, or leave a fan on in the room instead to create the same effect.

4. Your bed is for sleeping in (and for sex too of course) but make sure it is mainly for sleeping in. Spending too much time in your bed when you are not sleeping can confuse one of our biggest sleep cues (getting in to bed). So our brains won’t know when to give us that big shot of melatonin if we are regularly in and out of it.

Sound familiar? That’s because this is what we use to help our little ones sleep well at night too!

Alison ✌🏻

Paediatric Sleep Coach

MSc & BSc hons

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