How To Get A Newborn Into A Routine To Sleep At Night?


This weeks Sunday Sleep Suggestion is all about newborns.

Are you wondering how to set up your newborn for sleep success?

The key is routine! Babies love routine and regularity, they feel safe and reassured knowing what is going to happen and when 💖

I fully support and practice on demand feeding. Demand feeding means that within a few weeks you will pick up on your babies own natural feeding rhythm and a natural routine will develop. Whether that be cluster feeding or independently going 2-3 hours between feeds 🍼

Babies who have their own natural routine supported are more likely to go for longer stretches of sleep independently through the night.

If you want to know more about newborn routines or if your little one is having difficulties with sleep then contact me now for your FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to see how sleep coaching could help you, I have the answers you are looking for!

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