newborn sleep

Newborn Sleep 101

Did you know that by 6-8 weeks, healthy full-term babies can start to sleep for longer stretches overnight. Some even up to 8 hours!

“Where do we find these babies” I hear you shout 😆

My number 1 tip for sleep success in Newborns has always been to responsively feed……the more full a baby is, the more likely they are to sleep.

Some babies cluster feed in the day or in the evening. Preventing this because they “shouldn’t be hungry” can often lead to increased night wakings. So my natural reaction to any crying baby will always be “try a feed”.

However, if your little one is full to the brim and still struggling with sleep then try these suggestions 👇🏻

⭐️ Working on night and day – make sure during the day you get as much natural light on your baby, don’t be tempted to close the blinds or curtains (until they are older anyway). Getting out for walks and plenty of fresh air can also help your little learn the difference between night and day.

🌟 Give then a chance to fall asleep independently. It’s tempting during the day to cuddle and hold your baby during their naps, and while this is absolutely fine sometimes, you might be depriving them of the opportunity to sleep independently. So, at least once a day, once you have fed your baby, try laying them in a safe sleeping area and see what happens 🤞🏻

⭐️ during the night time keep lights dim and, where possible, use red lighting instead of blue or white lighting.

🌟 Have a consistent sleeping area, and encourage them to nap there during the day too as this will help them feel safe and secure and will likely sleep a lot more easily!

Alison xo

Paediatric Sleep Coach

MSc & BSc hons

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