The communication of crying

Crying is our little ones only form of communication up until the age they are able to speak and formulate sentences, and even after this point. They reason our little ones cry and be vast and varied. They can cry for food, to let you know they need a nappy changed, to tell you they are in pain, for comfort, and for reassurance.

So often we hear “if they are clean and fed then leave them to cry”, if their needs are met then let them get on with it. “Responding to them will make a rod for your own back”……NOT TRUE!!

Being emotionally supported and comforted in time’s on need is vital and research shows that babies you are held and emotionally supported cry less than those who are “left to get on with it”.

Crying for comfort is just as valid as crying for milk. As adults, if we were to be left to “get on with it” when we were seeking comfort from our loved ones and were denied it how would we react? Would we become more able to self soothe and self regulate? Erm, no.

Providing comfort and reassurance to our little ones when they need it is a crucial, instinctual part of parenting. This is why nursing mums often have a milk let-down if they hear a child cry (and it doesn’t need to be our own!), and our physical and mental stress levels are higher when we hear a baby cry. It is an automatic response.

The reason we have such a physical response to crying comes down to survival and development. In order for our little ones to not only survive but to thrive, we need to be supporting all of their needs, both physically and emotionally.

It’s time to stop with the advise to leave our little ones to cry and to educate people about the benefits of supporting their little ones emotionally. There will, unfortunately, always be those who argue the opposite to this but please please ignore this. You know your little one better than anyone. So if you feel they need a day or even a week of cuddles then just go with it.

No harm ever came from being loved and supported too much! This is why as a gentle holistic sleep coach offer kind and gentle techniques to coach your little one to sleep through the night while supporting their emotional and physical needs.

If you want to know more please get in touch. You got this Mumma!!

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