The “Sleep Shaping” Package

Prenatal – 3 months

Ideal for educating expectant parents on how to prepare for their little one’s arrival. Can also be used for new born babies up to 3 months to help settle their little one in to family life with healthy bedtime habits and routines. Often small changes can make the biggest difference at this age. 

This can also be used for parents who are expecting their second or third child for how to best prepare their little one for the arrival of a new sibling with the least amount of disruption to them. This can also help with the bonding of our little ones to their new sibling.

What is included;

A complete holistic consultation lasting 1-2 hours discussing what sleep issues your little one has, what their current sleep routine is and what you would ideally like them to be doing in their sleep routine. We will also discuss factors such as their daily routine, health, diet and personality as well as your own family lifestyle and your preferred parenting style. If this is a prenatal consultation we will work on methods to encourage your little one in to a healthy sleep plan right from the start. 

A detailed initial holistic assessment questionnaire (to be filled out and sent back prior to the consultation to make the most of my time with you). 

A review of a 7 day sleep diary (to be completed prior to the consultation) to help us assess any recurrent factors influencing your little ones sleep (Not applicable to prenatal parents)

A Customised age appropriate sleep plan/advise for you little ones that will work best for your whole family 

Add support calls on if required (see add ons below)